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How many men I think the idea of ​​my wife to fuck other men that impressive, but never had the courage to tell or ask him to do, which was up anyway. Basically, Gemma took the girls to spend a night in the clubs pubs, in which we live, has gone, while I was watching TV in a few beers. At about 1 o'clock I went to bed thinking about Gemma came home at 2 o'clock, as it always was around that time, usually the feeling of Horney. We want to be a good fuck that. I fell asleep woke up when I heard how he came to the door, looked at the clock it was March 30 of spankbang the clock ( where the hell it was), I thought. I pretended to be asleep when she entered the room, but saw through half-closed eyes as the room light. Then, when stripped stripped off his underwear to review them before taking them to the bottom of the washing basket ! Turning, I saw her pussy was swollen, red, knowing that some randy bastARD had taken him so he hid from her panties. At first I could feel the anger inside me jealous, I wanted one, go there later. But when you can go to bed I was sitting, he greeted me, asked me where I was, had tried to tell him he had been a friend for coffee, but it was bright red, which not only meet. That's when I spankbang confronted her she said I knew he was out to fuck someone else. She had been very nervous, but admitted it was true, I was rock hard now just started to kiss my hand to her wet pussy. It took me a kiss, when I wrote my background of his body told him I wanted to know everything about her, to tell you what a dirty bitch she is better not leave out any details, if he did, his forgiveness. She was shy at first embarressed to tell me, but I really fucked her pussy licked, she began to tell me that bird knew a guy who had to work through which he had offered to go home came with it, as the week hand lived in the neighborhood. On the way he was spankbang offered a cup of coffee, which ended with him in it, said Gemma, as she kissed him in thought, hell, before she knew he sucked the cock of a thing began to be a much before it fucks her bent over the couch. I was licking her pussy like never before thought I could shoot my load when she told me all the details, but managed to hold off until I was fucking ( but could only last a spankbang few minutes later) it becomes really both, as described in detail what he had done what he did to her, like him, what was his cock while fucked, spankbang etc, etc. What licks pussy fucked good, that was pure joy, like the smell took me wild spankbang (that is someone who really can not do to spankbang prove ) is so fucking horny. Gemma is now fucked by another man month later, his experience tells me that our sex life is better than ever. We are thinking about it3some moment so I can see in a moment I picked want to join.
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